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The Love Affair with America’s First Pony Car Begins

The world has been in love with the Ford Mustang since the first one rolled off of the assembly line in April of 1964. Fifty-plus years later that same love is stronger than ever, and shows no signs of fading anytime soon! This once unassuming pony car has spawned an entire industry of restoration parts, accessories, and of course, performance components!

Enter California Mustang Parts and Accessories

For over 41 years, California Mustang Parts and Accessories has been a leader in the classic Mustang parts industry. We have the largest and most comprehensive selection of Mustang parts and accessories for your 1964 & later Mustang. Upgrading your brakes? We can help you! Changing your standard interior to a Pony interior? We have it! Need new emblems for your 428 CJ Mach 1? No problem! Owners and enthusiasts looking for Ford Mustang parts have learned to trust California Mustang as a premier source of restoration and performance Pony parts such as interior, suspension, body, engine, cooling, weather-stripping, books and manuals, and virtually any other parts their pony requires!

California Mustang Ships Pony Parts Worldwide!

While we do have “California” in our name, we’re not limited to California only! Sure, California is a beautiful place, and we’re proud to say that being here Southern California keeps us in the heart of the automotive aftermarket industry, but we also supply classic Mustang parts to customers in every state in the U.S. and more than 70 countries worldwide!

Is it Easy to Order Pony Parts for my Pony?

Ordering Pony parts is made easy through our user-friendly, online Quick Order system. Also, keeping track of your order is just as easy with our equally user-friendly Order Tracking system. Want to speak with a live person? Give us a call! Our capable staff is not only extremely knowledgeable about 1964 & later model Mustangs, but we’re also enthusiasts, so we understand the passion you feel for your classic Pony car.

California Mustang Parts Sells More than ’64-73 Mustang Parts!

We’re not just focused on the first generation (1964-73) of Mustangs. Remember, there’s over 50 years of Pony parts to cover, so we have also developed a catalog for 1974-2004 Mustangs. If you own a late model Mustang, then we invite you to check out California Muscle Parts where we offer parts and accessories for 2005 and up Mustangs. And don't forget that California Muscle Parts does more than supply Pony parts, we also have a vast selection of 1960-70 Falcon parts and accessories.

We Want to Meet You!

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our loyal customers, so we try to attend as many local car shows as we can to support you wherever possible. Always feel free to stop by our tent and tell us about your favorite pony or pick up a catalog. Don’t forget to check with us to find out where we’ll be next. Check out our gallery page!

Start Shopping Now!

Mustang owners and enthusiasts looking for pony parts have learned to trust California Mustang as a premier source of restoration and performance products such as interior, suspension, body, engine, cooling, weatherstrip, books and manuals, and more. So, request a free catalog, and come check us out on the web at for 1964-04 Pony parts and for 2005-Up Mustang, and 1960-70 Falcon and Comet parts.

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